The Daily Spin – The Memorial

Zachary Turcotte
By Zachary Turcotte June 1, 2021 23:54

The Daily Spin – The Memorial

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I want to thank the handful of you that took the opportunity to donate the last couple of weeks. I received a message from Matt & Micaela indicating that there was a few of you that mentioned having heard about their organization through FGI and they were incredibly touched by the donations that they received. Since I am writing this column on Memorial Day, I am going to post it one last time this year for those that have not had the chance to check it out. It means so much to me that you would donate so generously to this cause that is so near and dear to my heart. Thank you so much!

Having just observed Memorial Day, I thought it would be nice to use this column to do a little bit of outreach if you good folks do not mind it too much. I am connected to some really incredible people from my military days and want to share a little bit about what they are doing to make the world a better place. If that’s not your thing, no problem, skip down to the preview below and be on with your week.

In any case, I have a couple of former classmates from the Air Force Academy who have really gone above and beyond to give back to the families that have made the ultimate sacrifice over the last 20 years. Matt & Micaela Brancato turned their home in Detroit Lakes, MN into a retreat center back in 2014 (they are both still active duty and serving in TN currently) as a place for the widows/widowers and family members of fallen veterans could come together each summer for a week long retreat where they can receive counseling, guidance and fellowship with fellow survivors. The experience provides survivors an opportunity to get away and spend time with those who have gone through similar tragedies, helping them through the healing process.

Each year they do fundraising in order to cover the costs for attendees as well as the cost for the kids to attend a local summer camp while their parent is away at the retreat. Here are two links to the website. The first is to the main home page where you can find a quick video of Matt & Micaela talking about their vision for the organization. It’s only about 6 minutes long, but it would mean so much to me if you would check it out. Even if you do not want to donate, Matt & Micaela are two of the best people that I know and I am always so inspired by them and their vision. The second link is if you are interested in making a donation. Whether you do or not, I really just wanted to share this organization as one to keep in mind over the years if you are ever in search of a great cause to donate to where you know the funds will be put to a great use.

Holbrook Farms –

Donate –

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Zachary Turcotte
By Zachary Turcotte June 1, 2021 23:54

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