The Daily Spin – Sony Open

Zachary Turcotte
By Zachary Turcotte January 11, 2022 02:11

The Daily Spin – Sony Open


Welcome to the first ‘real’ week of the season. The Tournament of Champions is always a nice warmup and the stars really came out last week and performed well, but Kapalua without wind is a totally defenseless course and it showed in a big way as we saw a scoring display for the ages. Cam Smith managed to stare down #1 player in the world, Jon Rahm for the final two rounds to post one of the more impressive wins you will see all year. The mullet wearing wonder that is Cam Smith looked totally relaxed and at ease the final two rounds and was unflappable even as Rahm tied the course record on Saturday afternoon just hours after Justin Thomas had broken it. On paper, Cam may not have appeared to be the most obvious choice to win last week, but he’s really evolved in his game the last two years. If I asked you who led the tour in Par 5 Scoring last season, Cam Smith’s name probably would not be the first one that came to mind and yet it is true. It was great to see many of you take advantage of our betting picks for the week as both Stat Boy and Nick hit Cam at 22-1 to get our 2022 off and running on a positive note. If you were fortunate enough like I was to have Cam on your cash game roster, things probably ended up working out well for you over the weekend. Moving forward, it will not be quite so easy.


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Zachary Turcotte
By Zachary Turcotte January 11, 2022 02:11

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