The Daily Spin – Houston Open

Zachary Turcotte
By Zachary Turcotte November 10, 2021 10:31

The Daily Spin – Houston Open


What a whirlwind of a weekend. For those who were unaware, I got sick last week and sure enough, it ended up being COVID. By Wednesday night I was feeling chills and exhaustion and I spent much of the next four days in bed battling various symptoms. My sense of taste and smell were gone by Thursday. I had a chills, muscle aches, nausea, fatigue and just a general feeling of sluggishness. By the weekend, things slowly began to improve and the symptoms turned more into the same ones I have when dealing with a head cold. I never really had more than a slight fever and my oxygen levels have been fine the whole time. It’s been like having the flu, but with changing symptoms and a slower process to get back up to being recovered. Fortunately, I had Stat Boy to step in for me to write my column for Football Insider Edge to deliver me a winning week. I plan to work from home for the week to give myself some time to feel better. It hit three of four in my house so we’re all on our way to recovery, but at this age, there is no need for me to rush too much. Apologies for being a little slower than usual this week with my golf column. I am feeling better than last week, but a wave of exhaustion hit me at about 10pm last night that wiped me out as I was sitting at my computer which put me down for eight hours so I was not able to grind straight through the night to finish the way I usually do with the Spin.

Anyway, let’s quickly recap last week since it was another winning week and continued a great run for me this fall that brought my record to 5-2. If you listened to the podcast last week or read my column here, you could probably tell that I was really excited about the field and the event in general. I love when we get a tournament where we are very familiar with the course, it correlates well with several other courses and we have a field that is of at least reasonable strength. Maybe I was more excited just due to the fact that we have not had many events this season of any real strength so seeing so many prominent names again provided that extra nudge to get the juices flowing again to build a little excitement around a tournament. Whatever the case was, I loved the way my builds were coming together early in the week and how they played out during the weekend. Though I spent my shares on JT over Hovland for GPP contests which kept me out of contention there, in cash games, I was able to cruise to an easy win without having paid up for either golfer.


DK Lineup Salary Pts
Abraham Ancer 10700 109
Billy Horschel 10100 82.5
Joaquin Niemann 7800 109.5
CT Pan 7300 67.5
Russell Knox 7300 39
Chris Kirk 6700 81.5


I probably could have made life a lot easier on myself by just paying up for JT or Viktor, but I stuck with two players near the top instead of right at the top. Salary cap space was tight for the team I wanted to build and I was not willing to drop down from Niemann at all to get myself a few extra dollars to play with. I was willing to let JT or Viktor beat me to stick with the value players that I landed on for the week as I had confidence of a strong finish for Ancer and Billy. Both made the cut and were in contention over the weekend. Billy fell back the final two rounds and finishes 33rd which was a little disappointing, but Ancer finishes 7th, which was right in range with where I had him projected and was only 10 DK points behind JT so not bad at all since he was the only other golfer that I seriously considered paying up for over Ancer.

The rest of the lineup was just a matter of selecting my favorite value plays from an extensive list. Niemann at $7800 was just a criminally low price for a golfer that has missed only one cut since the start of last season. Even with his struggles on the greens, his tee to green game is so good that it is enough on its own to send him to the weekend nearly every week. It is even better when he shows up with his putter as he did last week. He finished in 5th place for a huge number of DK points relative to his price. CT Pan had great rolling numbers coming into the week and seemed a natural fit for cash on a course where he had not missed a cut and had consecutive Top-15 finishes. Though he fell back in the final round on Sunday, he finished 45th overall which was in line with expectations for a player of his salary.

Chris Kirk looked like he was going to have a special week on Thursday after a hole in one and a red hot front nine. He opened with a first round score of -7 and looked like he might give my longshot outright a chance, but then shot +1 over the final 54 holes to finish in 64th place. Fortunately, all of the points he built up early kept him in the same range as Billy Horschel so for $6700, I could not be too disappointed, but after such a great start, I was hoping for a little better finish in terms of position points.

As always, there was one dud that kept me away from the elusive 6/6 lineup and last week, it was Russell Knox, who I have a hate/love relationship with. He played well in Bermuda and had never let me down in Mexico previously so it was bitterly disappointing that he missed the cut. He did make a heroic charge by birdie four holes in a row to get right on the number going to the final hole, but could not find one last birdie to get himself across the line and into the weekend. It was a disappointing, though not surprising effort out of Knox who has come to be known for his inconsistent play the last couple of years. Overall, I was pleased to get 5/6 to the weekend. That almost always takes any sweat away over the final two rounds and last week was no exception. Fall golf continues to be one of the most profitable portions of the schedule for us each season as so hopefully we can keep that going through these last couple of weeks.

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Zachary Turcotte
By Zachary Turcotte November 10, 2021 10:31

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