The Daily Spin – DraftKings Preview – Mayakoba Golf Classic

Zachary Turcotte
By Zachary Turcotte December 1, 2020 03:22

The Daily Spin – DraftKings Preview – Mayakoba Golf Classic

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Does the RSM feel like a lifetime ago to anyone else? It is strange that after just one week away I have blocked out nearly all of my memories from such a debacle. The tournament proved to be much tougher for most of the golfers coming in from Augusta, perhaps due to an emotional letdown, but I could not find a common factor in why certain guys showed up and others fell apart.

As far as cash games were concerned, we saw one of the toughest cuts of the last couple of years. There were virtually zero 6/6 lineups and only around 10% had 5/6. It was the sort of week where a good 3/6 team was able to make it into the money by Sunday. Unfortunately, I only managed to get 2/6 which sent my team to a disappointing finish by Friday afternoon.

What made the tournament so frustrating was that I felt pretty good about my team and even into Friday, it looked like I had a chance to get anywhere from 2/6 all the way up to 5/6 through to the weekend. As I discussed in my column, it felt like a good week to pay up to get Webb Simpson for cash games. He had such a great record at the RSM and had played so well throughout 2020 that I could not envision him not being in contention. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he just did not have his best game all weekend and finished 37th. Webb is usually pretty ‘letdown proof’ when it comes to the smaller events so I do not know that Augusta is to blame, but we’ve seen players struggle at the Heritage over the years. In any case, it is unlikely that we will see another November Masters so it is probably something we will not need to think about for the RSM ever again.

My last player selected ended up being my best performing player. My deep dive into the events played at the course and local connections paid off well with Matthew NeSmith putting up a great effort and finishing 15th. I was nervous about using him as I knew he would be low owned and he’s had mixed results during the year, but he looked really comfortable and has played his best golf in the southeast where he played a lot of amateur events so it worked out well.

Now for the bad news. I really wanted to use Brian Harman who had been playing really consistent golf, had a nice record at the event and grew up playing in the region. He started slowly on the Plantation Course, could not make a putt on Friday and lost over 1.5 strokes on the greens overall. Shorter courses usually suit him well, but it did not work out.

Doc Redman continues to be a head scratcher for me to figure out. He’s been in contention in recent months and then other events, he’s not even competitive. His iron play was off last week and his putting was atrocious. At the Seaside Course, he managed to lose 4.27 strokes putting in one round. If he had just been average with his putter he would have been on to the weekend, but this is a theme with Doc of late so he might be back to GPP only for me for a while.

Denny McCarthy looked like he was going to make a run for me on Friday. After he eagled 18 and had a only the front nine to go, he went on a three bogey streak on some of the easiest holes on the course and never recovered. His normally reliable putter was nowhere to be found last week as he lost 1.5 strokes at the Seaside Course and was not much better on Friday, though it was his irons that betrayed him at the Plantation Course. It was only the second cut he’s missed in his last thirteen starts and it came at the type of course where he would usually excel.

Austin Cook was a former champ at the RSM and posted back to back strong finishes coming into the week. He started off well, shooting a 68 at the Seaside Course, but then after shooting -1 through nine holes on Friday, he went +3 on the last nine holes to miss the cut. Cook is not usually a golfer that I use, but at a shorter course where his accuracy off the tee and short game work well, he seemed like a good fit. Unfortunately, there just were not a lot of birdies to be had for a lot of the golfers I was heavy on Friday afternoon. Cook’s missed cut closed out a tough week, but that can happen with the fall events so I will shake it off and get back to work this week.
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Zachary Turcotte
By Zachary Turcotte December 1, 2020 03:22

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