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Bonus Model Targets – RSM Classic

Welcome to the RSM Classic, the last full field event of 2018! It’s amazing how fast it has passed us by, but it’s always a fun way to wind down the fall before we get a little break to retool and prepare for 2019. This event should be one for us to do well at with the type of field that is here this week. It is certainly one of the softest fields we will see all year, but one worth attacking. While other owners are fumbling around to build a quality player pool, we should have a good beat on those young players that are coming along as well as those older veterans who match up well here stylistically.

The event splits up over two course on the first two days which helps to accommodate a slightly larger than normal sized field. The Seaside Course is a short Par 70 course where players who make the cut will end up playing three rounds. The other course where players will tee it up on either Thursday or Friday is the Plantation Course, a short Par 72 course where everyone should be looking to make a serious dent in terms of posting birdies if they want to be in good shape going to the weekend.

You are going to want scorers for the Plantation Course, but since most of the play will be on the Seaside Course, we are going to look for players that are much more focused on hitting greens and who can work their short to mid range iron play to perfection. The greens are all Bermuda so it’s a little swap from what we’ve seen in recent weeks. There are a number of players who live on St Simons Island so there is plenty of experience to look at that goes well beyond a simple course history chart. Be sure to check out the player profile page to find out who lives in the area as well as for all of those players that either grew up or went to school in Georgia or the Carolinas. That tends to lead to many of the players who have performed the best here over the years.

Here’s who I’m looking at and avoiding for RSM Classic….

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