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Ownership Percentage Predictions

One of the most important variables that goes into winning large tournaments (GPPs) in Daily Fantasy Golf is ownership percentage of the golfers you select. In studying the composition of winning rosters of large GPPS over the past two years, we have identified one common variable: they all contain at least one player who’s ownership is low (under between 5-10%) and they ultimately perform well. If you construct a roster of all players owned by 20%+ of the field, you simply will not win the humongous grand prizes that are now offered in Fantasy Golf. Your research needs to include assumptions about the ownership of the players that you build your GPPs with and you need to identify a few overlooked gems. In our research every week, we put assumptions on what we believe the ownership will be of every player in the field. This helps us in the overall construction of our GPP lineups. Please note that these are estimates of what we believe the ownership will be. We are not always correct, and sometimes can be way off on our estimates, but we believe our experience and success playing in GPPs helps us to be extremely accurate. We have included a column for your estimates as well and it will combine with ours. This is an invaluable tool, necessary for building winning GPP lineups and we recommend that you use it in your research every week.

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