Jeff’s Hardcore Core- NFL Divisional Round

Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson January 10, 2019 22:00

Jeff’s Hardcore Core- NFL Divisional Round

This week I say a final farewell to the NFL season as it has been another very fun and profitable year for us. Of course we still have the Championship games next week and then the Super Bowl, but this is the last week I build rosters around a core.  My hope is that we can close out the season with a bang, although last week is going to be tough to beat. Before I dive into my core players for this weeks games let’s recap a little bit from last week.

At quarterback I made the decision to only roster Watson and Luck and that worked out well, but not perfect. Both of them finished up with right around 20 points, but so did others (Trubisky, Prescott, and Foles), so I could have saved some cap space if I dropped down.

I talked about needing to either be all-in on Elliot last week and I just could not see fading him, so I went all-in, which was a must, in order to win anything last week. The only real mistake I made last week was not owning Marlon Mack. I really felt like the Texans were going to be able to contain the Colts ground game and that the Colts were going to need to air it out. As it turned out, the Texans defense was swiss cheese, especially in the first half and the Colts did anything they wanted, including running the ball and Mack ended up with a big game.

The receiver position very kind to us as we had both Allen Robinson and Keke Coutee who went off and were necessary to win a big GPP. I was highest on Coutee and basically said he was my favorite play if healthy, and he was taken off the injury report completely on Saturday morning, so I ended up owning him on 80% of my rosters.

Tight end continued to be a wasteland as it has been all season and my all-in exposure to Ebron was fine as he pretty much did zip in the game except fall in the endzone the first drive of the game, which proved to be enough.

The defense to own was clearly the Chargers and unfortunately I did not have any exposure. I am actually quite upset with myself, because I felt like the Chargers were going to do what every team should do and that is shut down Lamar Jackson’s running game, yet I did not own them. Had I thought it through better, I should have come to the conclusion that if Jackson gets shut down on the ground he becomes a liability and turnover machine. The Chargers were all over him, mounted up the sacks, got the turnovers, and had a huge DK point day.

Overall I was able to cash with most all of my entries thanks to Coutee, Robinson, and Zeke. With these four game slates though you need to be absolutely perfect with every single one of your players to win a large field GPP, and that is really hard to do.

Let’s get to this week!

Jeff’s Core- NFL Divisional Round
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Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson January 10, 2019 22:00

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