Jeff’s GPP Hardcore Core- Shell Houston Open

Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson March 29, 2016 16:00

Jeff’s GPP Hardcore Core- Shell Houston Open

When Draftkings starts offering large grand prizes for low dollar entries I start getting excited. The reason is, I feel like I can build enough high quality teams with a solid core that will give multiple chances to compete for the big prize. Obviously when you are competing against 100,000+ other entries you need a lot of luck to go along with identifying a solid core of players. In the first preview column of the year I detailed my exact cash game approach that I have used to be profitable playing cash games for the past two years. My GPP strategy is similar in that I identify about 20 guys that I want to include on multiple GPP teams and then add to that a sprinkling of other long-shot type plays (usually 1 per roster). This approach is much like Zach talked about in his outstanding four part winning GPP series. Below are the 20 players in my core that I will build my GPP teams around this week. Remember with GPPs you will swing and miss many more times than you hit a home run, but when you do hit a dinger it will be well worth it, especially when we are talking six figures. I have been fortunate enough to have won several large GPPs and this is the strategy I employed and would encourage you to do something similar. I am not necessarily telling you to use my core (although as a part of FGI you can), but rather to utilize a similar strategy. I will say this one more time to be clear, this list is for GPP use as there are several players on it that are too inconsistent for me to include in my cash game core. Bottom line is you have to take some chances to win large field GPPs. Let me know if you like this feature and if I get a good response I will continue producing it each week.

Another monstrous week for the Hardcore Core last week at the Puerto Rico Open, which included the winner Tony Finau, T5 from Scott Brown, T8 from Will Mackenzie, T11 from Kyle Reifers, T21 from Derek Fathauer, and solid performances from Greg Bourdy and Jonathon Byrd. My inbox was flooded with successes in GPP from FGI members and that makes all the hard-work worthwhile. Two humongous weeks now have more than recouped the losses I had from the four sub-par weeks before that. That is the beauty of GPPs is you do not have to win very often to be profitable because when you do the profits are big. We will try and keep the momentum rolling through the Masters and beyond this season.

Shell Houston Open Hardcore Core-

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Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson March 29, 2016 16:00

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