Interview of $100,000 winner Glen Chorny aka Choron

Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson March 11, 2015 20:27

This past weekend a premium member of Fantasy Golf Insider, Glen Chorny a.k.a Choron won the $300K Miami Classic event on Draftkings and took home $100,000. Glen was nice enough to take some time to chat with us about his experience and maybe give a few tips on how he was able to outmaneuver 1,111 other entries to win that monster prize


What was the biggest sweat you had during the WGC Cadillac Championship?

“I thought I was in trouble when Ryan Moore birdied one of the hardest holes in golf and my fill-ins almost cost me the tournament on Sunday, they played so bad. But then John Senden got an eagle and Ryan Moore tripled and that was enough for me to win. I was jumping up and down when I saw Senden’s eagle.”


Tell me a little about yourself- What do you do for a living?

“I play poker and DFS for a living and I do other things as well. I am used to big successes like this I actually won a poker tournament back in April of 2008 for $3 million. It was a European poker tour tournament that happened in Monte Carlo. I generally only play the giant events like the WSOP main event in which I have played seven times.”


How long have you been playing DFS golf?

Since last year at the St Jude Classic. I actually won a $20 tournament for $3,500 that same week.


Going into a week, how do you prepare and do research?

I like to look at the pricing right away on Mondays and see if anybody jumps out at me as a value based upon the numbers. Then I start by making 8-10 25 cent lineups initially when the pricing comes out. I watch the Pat Mayo show and look at Fantasy Golf Insider, and Rotoworld. At the end of the day I like to see what everybody has to say and then come to my own decision. I feel like they are valuable resources and can be really valuable resources at the end of the day.


Specifically last week for your win what was your approach?

I built lineups last week initially and had Donaldson on pretty much all of them and I realized that and heard you guys on Pat Mayo talking about that, I have been watching you on that show for about a month and a half now. I took what you said to heart and looked around at who else’s price was around there I ended up looking at Lee Westwood and felt he was going to be a little sneaky. I didn’t feel as though he was going to win the golf tournament by any stretch of the imagination. . I also agreed with you guys in liking J.B Holmes last week and felt like he was going to have a good tournament.


What contests do you play and how do you decide how many teams to enter?

I don’t really like the cash games at all. I find that I am not chasing enough money and I tend to do the GPPS successfully enough. I tend to be hit or miss because I tend to focus on guys and build lineups around those guys. I missed the last two weeks but took fourth a few weeks ago. How many teams I enter depends on the tournament. For the $300 this past week I put in 11 lineups, which is about my breaking point. It was a special event. But if it is just a regular week like this week I will probably put 20 entries in the $20 and four or five in the $300.


Do you play other DFS sports?

I do, but not nearly as successfully as I have been in golf. I’ve done pretty well in golf lately. I have picked the winner in 5 of the last 8 weeks. I play football because it is substantial, but will only take part unless they are substantial. I played in the NBA $100k for first the other night.


What do you like best about Fantasy Golf Insider?

I really like the odds tool that you guys offer. Like last week it showed John Senden as a value and it tends to really show some values. I also like your presentation and how it lays out everything. I also like your Course History. It is presented in a more neat fashion than going on like Rotoworld and looking up each individual and it save a lot of time


We look to interview more members after their big cashes so let us know of your success.

Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson March 11, 2015 20:27

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