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Euro Odds vs Daily Pricing

The sportsbook odds vs. Daily pricing is an extremely valuable tool. As we all know sportsbooks are usually very accurate when predicting outcomes of sporting events. We capture this accuracy via the consensus of ten different sportsbooks and compare it to where daily sites price the golfers in the field every week. For example: If the odds on favorite to win a tournament according to the consensus of the sportsbooks is Rory Mcilroy, but a daily site has his salary as the 6th most expensive golfer, you are receiving value, so his score would be +5. In contrast, if the sportsbook odds determined Billy Horschel as having the 20th best odds to win a tournament, yet a daily site priced him with the 5th highest salary you would be receiving negative value or a score of -15. Obviously the goal is to identify the golfers that have the highest positive numbers and thus the most value. The top 10% with positive value are coded green, while the bottom 10% in negative value are color coded red.

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